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First Marine Mom, 8 months pregnant, ordered to run PFT…

Today, we’re meeting Mary-Julia Hill, a retired Marine and a first Marine mom now grandmother. When I first heard the details of Mary-Julia’s account of being a first Marine mom, I was actually moved to tears. Angry tears. I pleaded … Continue reading

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Pregnant? You’re outta here!

Meet Nancy Sumner: former Marine, mother of a daughter and two sons, grandmother of a granddaughter and two grandsons. When Nancy joined the Marines in 1967, regulations stipulated that if a woman became pregnant, she was immediately discharged. Nancy is … Continue reading

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Meet CJ Scarlet, a First Marine Mom

Today, we’re meeting CJ Scarlet: former Marine, mother of two sons, and co-founder of Roving Coach International. CJ, what’s your hometown, and when did you join the Marines? Can you tell us a little about why you joined, what MOS … Continue reading

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Thank you, Mary Sue League!

Introducing Mary Sue League, the woman who lobbied for the regulation change that allowed pregnant Marines to stay Marines. Thank you, Mary Sue, for your indelible mark on Marine Corps history.

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Were you one of the first Marine moms?

Before I joined the Marines in 1977, women who became pregnant were immediately discharged. Being married, even to another Marine, made zero difference. Let’s face it, men in charge back then were still adjusting to “women in their Corps,” let … Continue reading

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